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You can make appointments three ways:

1. You can chat with a tutor ONLINE. Online appointments are great for back-and-forth discussion about changes you would like to make or when you have no writing and you would like to get started. In successful sessions, both you and the tutor participate. To join your online appointment, a few minutes beforehand, go back to, click on your appointment, and click on “JOIN ONLINE SESSION." If the internet connection is good for you and the tutor that day, the two of you can agree to use audio or video. 

2. You can meet with a tutor IN-PERSON. In-person appointments will be held in 105 Grant Hall.  You will be able to talk while you make changes together. In-person appointments, like online ones, are good for back-and-forth discussion and for starting assignments. In successful sessions, both you and the tutor participate. We will follow all UIC safety regulations, including wearing masks. 

3. You can receive feedback by email by making an ASYNCHRONOUS appointment. As you make your appointment, attach a draft and a description of the assignment. You may attach up to 3 double-spaced pages. The tutor will send your a response within 24 hours of the time of your appointment. The response will include a description of 3-4 strengths and 3-4 areas for potential improvement. If you would like feedback on additional pages, you are welcome to make up to 3 appointments per week.

Any writing. You are welcome to work on any assignment for any course or on other writing, such as personal statements.  For synchronous appointments, you are welcome even if you don’t have any writing and you would like help brainstorming or making a plan for getting started.

Tutoring is free. 

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Our Code of Conduct:

  • Tutoring conversations are respectful: tutoring is a partnership in which both you and the tutor participate.
  • Tutors help, advise, explain, and provide resources. But they cannot make changes in your writing without your input. Responsibility for your assignments remains with you.
  • Tutors may not share their individual contact information with students. Students cannot contact tutors outside their tutoring hours to request additional tutoring.
  • Internet connections sometimes require that the tutor work by chat rather than by audio or video. If your only option is audio or video, contact, and we will be glad to reschedule.
  • Tutors have other appointments after their appointment with you. They cannot work beyond their 50 minutes.
  • Tutors share tips about reading and research, but reading entire articles or conducting extensive research is not possible in a 50-minute session.
  • Each course has writing requirements that are unique.  Tutors will ask for your input about those requirements and work together with you to take a step forward with your writing.
  • Tutors help with the writing portion of assignments. For questions about content, we can help you find other support offered at UIC. Contact us:
  • If you cannot come to a session, you need to cancel in advance.
  • Tutors can help only with writing that is yours.
  • Tutors and students follow UIC safety regulations for wearing masks and social distancing.
  • Tutoring is a privilege maintained by both Tutors and Students. If Students or Tutors cannot agree to the Code of Conduct, their use of the Writing Center can be withdrawn.

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